Wardobe Must-Have!

Wardobe Must-Have!

Ladies, we all have those days where we are stumped on outfit choices! We feel we have nothing to wear, even though we all know our closets are over flowing! So, what's a quick fix for one of those days? A t-shirts versatality is unprecedented to any other garment you could own! They are definitely a wardrobe must have for any season! Who doesn't love slightly faded and worn-in tees, from the one with funny graphics and designs to the ones with cute words and prints. From just hanging around the house to high fashion, t-shirts have found their place in every girl's wardrobe. Even celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna love rocking this trend. Follow these subsequent tips to dress your tees stylishly!

Keep It Simple
This will always be top of my list. Fashion is classy when you remember to keep it simple and don't go overboard in order to avoid looking shabby. So whether it is a day out to party or just chilling out with friends, dress up your tees and stay in between casual and party look.

Casual But Stylish

Dress your tees with jeans or shorts then put on your boots, flats or sneakers without forgetting your snapback or beanie and you will be looking casual and stylish, all at the same time.

Wear It With A Skirt
Whether it is a maxi skirt, a circle skirt (which is high waisted) or a pencil skirt, dress up your tee by tucking it into your skirt or you could just leave it out and knot the shirt. With this look, you could go out on a date or just a casual outing without compromising comfort. Finally pair this look with flats or wedges; stilettos may not be to your liking, but if it works then go for it! Complete the look with a fedora hat and possibly a scarf on the neck won't be a bad idea! You are ready to go!

Pair It Up With A Jacket Or Blazer
Wearing a blazer, denim jacket or vest could make a huge difference and totally transform your casual look to a semi-formal look. This ensemble is perfect for a business outing or a day out with friends, so if you are looking for a classy way to wear your tees, this is it; but just remember to complete your look with trousers for a slightly corporate look. You could also wear shorts for a normal "out-to-have-fun" look. You have a wide range of footwear to choose from but basically flats, sandals or platforms are just perfect. Don't forget the signature set of jewellery that completes every outfit!

Tone As You Like
T-shirts are fun and comfortable to wear, so don't be afraid to mix colours. Wear a neutral tee with bright ensemble or vice versa! Make your outfit of the day to suit your mood!

Layer Up
To layer outfits never goes out of fashion, so you can wear different colours of tees together or dress your t-shirt with a tank top. The weather could be unpredictable most times, so adding a loose cardigan to your favourite t-shirts doesn't only make it look stylish, but also practical. You could complete this look with a scarf on the neck or a conductor's cap.


If You Are Going For Wordy, Keep It Simple And Artsy
Yes we all know tees with a lot of graphic designs and really cute slogans are hard to resist and we totally get it-but try to keep it simple by going for a t-shirt with a simple, yet eye catching graphic design. The design can be really artistic or have words that are equally captivating. Unique is the key to perfection!

Spruce Your Outfit
Be it a tiny piece of jewellery or a flashy set, accessories have the ability and power to completely alter your look and make you look dapper. So glam up your tees with a tiny or chunky necklace, don't be afraid to layer up your fancy necklaces to get that rock-chick look and add those really cute bracelets like the ones from Street Rose with eye catching earrings. Remember to do your makeup to complete the look. Dark eyeliner and mascara; something light but cool and when you are done, you will be looking glamorous as ever!

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a simple t-shirt or not, all that matters is how you dress it up, so don't be afraid to do it right and look fabulous.

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