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Surprising Trends of 2013

Posted on December 13 2013

Trends come and go, but sometimes they reappear after a few decades. Two trends that I currently find particularly interesting (and somewhat surprised by their return) are:

Denim Dungarees and Flower Crowns:

Both trends aren't the easiest to pull off, and you can look more kindergardener than grown up fashionista. On the other hand they are fun and creative if styled well.

Dungarees are pretty versatile and can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

A few pointers when wearing dungarees:

1) Make sure they fit your shape well. As you can see below on both Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum the fit is too loose, and in Jessica's case makes her look bigger than her actual gorgeous shape. In Heidi's case there is so much going wrong there, from the flimsy tank, to the floor sweeping length , hers is the perfect example of how dungarees can go oh so wrong.

2) Wear tanks / T-shirts in neutral shades, or even add a breton tee.

3) Add height with high heels , or even sneaker wedges like Sarah Jessica Parker (Below)

4) Roll up the denims exposing some of your ankle, exposing your shoe.



I think the best way that this trend resembles fashion, is when it's dressed up. With heels and gorgeous accessories. Love the leather jacket over.



Flower crowns make me think of little bridesmaids, but they are so huge at the moment. If you have a girly side you are bound to love it. They come in an array of sizes, in different hues. Hey even Kate Middleton replaced a tiara with a flower crown on an outing. Great when paired with bright summer colours and flowy dresses.



And don't think that this cutesy trend can't go wrong.....because it can:



When experimenting with these trends remember your personality plays a big part in it, so if you think you going to look like a little girl give it a miss :)


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