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Christmas Gift Guide 2013

All they want for Christmas is...



1. Pug Mug – Urban Outfitters
Perfect for: Secret Santa
When you’re buying a present for a secret santa, it’s best to go for a failsafe option. In my opinion, a cute or funny mug like this one from UO is always a good choice, because who doesn’t like a good bug of tea or hot chocolate? If the mug seems a bit boring, then put some tissue paper inside and fill it with some goodies like nail varnish or sweets.

2. Gig Tickets
Perfect for: Your boo thang
If you and your other half share a love for music, then gig tickets are always a great way to go. It’s an extra good present because you’re not just giving them a material thing, you’re giving them the gift of a good night out that they’ll remember for years to come. If there isn’t any one in particular touring that they like, then you could always get them a Ticketmaster or See Tickets gift card, so that they’re sorted when something good comes up. Side note: don’t get your boyfriend Justin Bieber tickets just because you’re desperate to see him live

3. A Personalised T-Shirt
Best for: Friends
In most towns you’ll find a couple of printing shops. Why not get your friend a T-shirt with something really personal to them on it? You could put anything on, from a Coco Chanel quote to a Breaking Bad photo, and they definitely won’t see anyone else rocking it.

4. Sweets Galore
Best for: Brothers
If your brother has a sweet tooth then why not pick out his favourite sweets (I’d choose peanut butter cups if anyone I know is reading this *hint hint*) and put them in an old jam jar. This present is ideal because a) it tastes good b) its thoughtful and c) its super cheap for you Christmas shoppers on a budget.

5. Shell Beaded Bracelet – Street Rose
Best for: Mums or sisters
I think this bracelet, or one similar, makes a great gift for someone close to your heart. Jewelry is always such a sentimental and sweet gift to unwrap especially when its unique and good quality, like the goodies from streetrose.

6. A Photo Album or Scrap Book!
Best for: Best friends
This is one of my personal faves, I think a photo album (the one pictured is from Paperchase) is a great way to show your bestie how much they mean to them. Fill it half way with pictures of the both of you so they have some cute memories to flick through, and then if you wanted you could pick them up a couple of disposable cameras so they can take some snaps to fill the rest of the book.

Hope some of these ideas come in useful if you’re stuck in a rut!

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