Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Seeing as we are less than two weeks away from Christmas 2013 and not too far away from New Years Eve/New Years, we decided to bring you a compilation of the best hairstyles we thought would look gorgeous on any faahionista for these occasions! Some of these hairstyles are harder than others, so pick and choose which best suits you! So, here it goes!
Elegant Updo Hairstyle for Christmas and New Year's Eve
By Lilith Moon

This hairstyle is a very elegant that works with almost any length of hair! Of course it would be challenging with a pixi cut, but we are sure you can do a variation of this. Perhaps a side braid of some sort. But this is perhaps one of the easiest styles, that gives such an intricate finished look! You're definitely going to get super complimented for sporting this hairstyle for Christmas Eve or Christmas day! If you have long hair, once you've knotted your hair until the nape of your neck, you can tie your hair in a low ponytail and leave it straight, braid it or curl strands of the hair to make the style even more playful! Needless to say, all of these hairstyles work with any hair colour!
Hair Bow Updo Tutorial Holiday Christmas/New Year's Eve Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair
By Lilith Moon

This is such a fun and festive hairstyle for the holidays that can truly catch peoples attention! If you're looking for something a bit "out there", without being too over the top, this style may be the one! It's a cleaner and chicer take on Lady Gaga's bow hairstyle from back in 2009. This hairstyle is best achieved with hair that is shoulder length or longer. If your hair is shorter, don't be afraid to invest in some good quality hair extensions as they can add alot of versatility to your overall look during the holidays and otherwise! Embellish the bow with a stunning clip or tie a ribbon, use your imagination on how you'd like to finish this look!
Holiday Faux Bob - No Teasing Required!
By Kayley Melissa<
Faux bobs are always a classic hairstyle to wear for holiday dinners. It does't get classier than this! Super glamourous that looks amazing on any girl! Again this is one of the looks that is easier to pull off with shoulder to long length hair, but take this look as a guide and see what masterpieces you can come up with if you have slightly shorter hair! May we add, her ombre really enhances the entire look! You ladies can always spice up your look with hair chalk or temporary spray-in hair colours. You can make this look as festive or as elegant as you'd like!
Easy Beachy Half Up Hairstyle for the Holidays!
By Kayley Melissa
The beachy hairstyle is one of the more "cutesy" looks we found that ideally works amazingly with long hair. Although it would look beautiful with any colour of hair, we find that by adding some sort of colour dimension in the haor truly brings the style out. As advised for the previous hairstyle, if you don't want to damage your hair by getting a bleachy ombre or even splurge just for a Holiday Hairstyle, temporary hair colour alternatives are your best friends! But, if that is not your thing, don't worry, whatever your hair colour, you will look stunning with this hairstyle!
Knotted Holiday Updo!
By Kayley Melissa
Kayley here has yet again demonstrated a very versatile look that can work for almost any length of hair. It's a fun and young way to get your hair out of your face for the holidays without compromising on style and chic! Make it as casual or formal as you'd like. You can do variations of this look. Although it's a very simple knot, you can choose to do other styles like the french, dutch or waterfall braid. Whichever braid you already know how to do, use it! Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair a few days in advance though! It's fun to play around with your hair and learn new hairstyles. Learning new looks only adds into your endless "catalogue" of fabulous "go-to" good hair days!
NO HEAT Holiday Curls + Easy Hairstyles!
By Bethany Mota
For those girls looking for an extremely easy, low maintenance and less damaging way to style their hair for their Holiday Parties, this is a great No-Heat method. We feel any hair length can take tips from this look and make it their own. Even a pixi bob can use some of the pin curls in the front or wherever there is some slight length. It's a vintage way to curl hair and is a fail-safe one at that! Braid pieces and make a braided crown, pull it up from one side or both, create an updo; honestly you can do so many things using these basic steps.
Retro Inspired Waves | Holiday Hair
By Nicole Guerriero

Want another vintage inspired look for the holidays? Then just follow Nicole's guidelines and you're to get that look you're after. Vintage hairstyles are not as complicated as they appear to be - well not all of them anyway! See, the gorgeous ladies of the past didn't have all the tools we do today, so they came up with intelligible hairstyles that wowed the men, and honestly us ladies today too! You can never go wrong with such a style as it suits most hair lengths and face shapes as well.
Much to our disappointment, we weren't able to find any good Holiday Hairstyles for short hair on YouTube, but we did find this little gem created by BuzzFeeds Mackenzie Kruvant. She compiled 20 Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair! Click on the link below to follow through to BuzzFeed's thread if you rock a short hairstyle! Did you think we forgot about you?!
And for our Natural Hair Queens, we have some goodies for you too! 
Holiday Hair: Criss Crossed Bun
By MahoganyCurls™
For the fashionistas that sport natural hair, this is a wonderful Holiday party look! It's classy and can be created in no time! You can easily embellish this hairstyle with a poinsettia, or a diamonte clip. It's a super easy look that gives the illusion you spent ages getting that look!
Holday Hair: Twisted Messy Bun
By MahoganyCurls™ 
This twisted messy bun is another formal look for the holiday festivities, but feel free to put your own spin to it. If you don't want all your hair so slicked back, then don't do it! A little volume at the front of the head can excentuate this look even more! Make this as formal or fun as you want! Use the term "messy bun" for inspiration and take it from there. 
A Quick Casual Holiday Updo! Natural Hair
By Naptural85
We love this look for natural hair! It's so easy but it looks like you've put in so much effort in! The texture from your natural hair is only going to enhance the outcome! Be experimental and create smaller braids in the back if you want a more intricate look or stick with the three as shown. Maybe leave a few pieces of hair out at the front if you have some layers. Really, the options are endless!
And that's all there is to it girlies! Hope this post gave you inspiration for some fabulous Holiday Hairstyles! Make sure you add in your own tweaks to make these styles your own!
Happy Holidays dolls!
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