Christmas Day Outfit

Christmas Day Outfit

On Christmas Day there is nothing I would love more than to spend the day in my pyjamas but unfortunately in my family, pyjamas are not considered appropriate Christmas attire. Christmas Day starts with opening gifts and stockings, followed closely by a pancake breakfast, then a trip down to the local pub for a drink (or three) and some bar food and then it's back home for the family Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. Every year I struggle with what to wear because I want an outfit which is warm and comfortable for the entire day but still meets the family dress code requirements. This year I've come up with the perfect outfit for the day: casual but still smart enough to gain Mum's approval. 

Leggings make a great basis for an outfit and in black look dressy while still being comfortable, Street Rose's 'Kitteh' t-shirt is quirky and cute and when worn over the top of a long sleeve top, is weather appropriate. To dress it up a bit more, I would team it with black ankle boots, Street Rose Turquoise earrings and the Street Rose White Leather Gold Bow Bracelet. If it's super cold out (or snowing), I would add a double breasted wool-blend coat on top for added warmth.


By Tania Collins

Twitter: @TaniaMCollins



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