Whatever You’re Wearing, Wear it with a Red Lip

Whatever You’re Wearing, Wear it with a Red Lip

I celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday to a lovely affair thrown by my flatmates here in England. What I have learnt through my 21 years of living so far is that no matter where you are in the world, if you are able to find people you could call family and they accept you the way you are, then trust, my dears, that you will be alright. One other thing I have learnt? A bold red mouth will always be appropriate regardless of time, place or occasion.

The red lipstick. It is the one makeup look that has stood the test of time from the early years of army women to the glamorous Miss Monroe and now, even amidst the minimal pared down beauty on the catwalks, it is hard to flip open a magazine without seeing a woman wearing a crimson lip. I have been wearing the red lipstick since my schoolgirl days. It has become more than just another cosmetic item, it is my security blanket. It is something I wear when I am both happy and sad, in love and in heartbreak, in celebration and in sorrow. Young people can be intimidated by the red lipstick, but the truth is, the red lipstick adds instant glamour to any outfit (wear a bathrobe and wipe on some red lip, you would look like you’d just step out of a Hitchcock film, pair with a leather jacket and who’s to say you’re not the next Kate Moss?) , and in addition, it makes your teeth and complexion look a whole lot brighter. Who wouldn’t want that?

The best part about the red lipstick is that one does not have to be a complete girly-girl to wear it. It is so universally flattering that it spans across all personalities. Even the most grunge / rock chick / tomboy / hippie / laidback amongst us can pull it off. If you have the confidence, the red lipstick has your back. Or if you are like me, sometimes the red lipstick actually helps give you that confidence. Here are some of my picks of red lipstick of all shades to match with your favourite Street Rose pieces:

Lipstick: Lips in All About Me by Topshop
This adorable hoodie goes perfectly well with a pinkish red lipstick for a quirky combination.


Lipstick: Creamy Matte Lip Colour in Jenna by Bobbi Brown
An orange tinted red is adds a more youthful twist to the classic red and will brillianty complement the equally youthful spirit of the tee shirt.


Lipstick: Lasting Finish lipstick in Starry Eyed (128) by Rimmel
A saccharine coloured tee with a cute graphic can be overwhelmed by a bright red mouth. Instead, opt for this plum red for a more sophisticated balance.


Lipstick: Kate Lipstick in Shade 01 by Rimmel
Lipsticks available at Superdrug, Topshop, Selfridges.

A busy motif on a white tee shirt needs nothing else on the face but a no-nonsense absolute red pout. Complete the look with simple earrings for some dressed up glamour ,or keep it edgy with combat boots, an olive green parka and denim cutoffs.


By Medina Azaldin

Twitter: @medinascarlett

Blog: http://www.theglamorouspixie.wordpress.com/


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • Okay, I’m serious guys.. I have pefecrt facial features, but my face looks bland without something to spice it up. I wear black eyeliner all around my eye, with either no or some sort of glittery color or sparkly shades of brown eye shadow. I wear mascara, My eyelashes are super long, (Like an inch and a half long!) But they don’t show up unless I highlight them with mascara. I wear powder and foundation and concealer, but I don’t cake it on. My face gets red easily so there is no need for blush. My ears are pierced and I most often wear either black or silver Large hoops, or black or silver dangles, (Also large) I am slightly overweight, but I make the most of it. I have my own style, which is mainly goth based, but I like being colorful sometimes. So, that’s mainly my style. I look FAB and this year, I’ve had 6 guys go after me and ask me to be their date! I’ve gotten 8 super lovey Valentines so far, this year and I’ve had 3 guys ask me to be their date on Valentines day! I really luv my style, and other peeps luv it too. Makeup reely helps my face, and makes me look really fab. So yeah.. what I’m saying is, I don’t like the natural look, but thanks anyways for the tips to the younger ones.

    Tiana on

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