Winter Chic

Winter Chic

Dressing to fit in is so last year and wearing dark colours is very dull. During the winter time we often go for the usual blacks and greys and end up creating a camouflage.
We should lean more to colours and stand out as the way we dress is the best in expressing our personalities.

Add some colour to your wardrobe with one of Street Rose's tees, as they have the perfect pieces for you. A t-shirt is not only for a casual outfit, we can definitely smarten it up, so don't be afraid to mix and match.

Here are two ways you can wear your tees, look different and be fabulous every time!

Neutral Whimsical Pink
"Tuck the front your tee into the skirt"


Electric Blue
"Wear the dress over the tee"



Try and mix-and-match your outfit styles! Make your graphic tees work in every season; for every occasion! 

By Allanica White

Twitter: @mystyleoverdose



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