Look Fly When You Fly

Look Fly When You Fly

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Stylish layers, check. Sunglasses, check. Comfortable chic shoes, check. Dressing for travelling is an art and celebs like Rihanna and Mel who spend quite a lot of time travelling are masters of travelling in style. We spend most of our time stressing over what to pack for our journey that we pay little attention to our actual travel attire and with all the hassling through the checkpoints to terminal to plane and then finally to our destinations, it is not only sensible to dress comfortable but it has become a compulsion so as not to disrupt other travelers. I did a little research and found an article that was based on this topic so I got a few points from it and that's what I am going to share it with you. This subsequent tips will not only prep you for comfortable traveling but they will also give you pointers on how to do it stylishly.

Basic Wears: Layer up And dump the Gladiators
It is always freezing at the airport and on the plane so bring a cardigan not sweater as you could tug it off and muss your entire look. Also avoid an airport fiasco by dumping the gladiator scandal at home with a few hundred buckles, it is an uncomfortable shoe when it comes to airport dressing instead opt for comfortable flats that slip on and off because you never know if you will have to run to catch a flight.

Do: Bring a Pashmina
This is like one of the most important accessory you will need when travelling. It does not only make you look chic but this handy accessory also doubles as a blanket when the going gets cold. So easy to store and pull out, it does not get anymore workable than this stylish scarf that is available in various colours.

Don't: Put on a Belt

One thing you should not wear to an airport is a belt apart from holding up the security line, you will have to buckle and unbuckle, how unpleasant can that be.

Do: Wear Socks or Bring Some Along  
Wear socks. They do not only keep your legs warm while on the plane but also your toes bacteria
- Free when you have to remove your shoes at security. You may not consider it a necessity because socks and other items are distributed in the plane but it is better to have your own long pair with you. That being said,keep your flip flops for the beach or elsewhere.

Don't: Wear Underwired Bras
What could be worse than going through the frisking at the airport security all because your bra triggered the metal detector. Avert from such mess by opting for a metal free bra that still offers firm support.

Do: Wear A Maxi (Optional)
Wearing a maxi dress or skirt that won't constrict you is almost perfect as an airport attire. Not only do you have to sit throughout your travel time in your affirmed attire but also rush through airport security, wait for your flight then wait for your baggage to arrive at your destination therefore choosing comfortable outfits are just the best.

Don't: Over Accessorize
A little bit of sparkle is sure to make any outfit look dapper. It is best to accessorise a little or not at all, flying is not the best time to show off your jewellery collections. Especially when you have to clasp and unclasp and if you really need to use jewels for your outfit, keep your precious jewels in a ziplock bag so you can easily access them once you land.

I hope you could use one or two of these tips the next time you plan on flying. Remember to look fly when you fly and for more fashion tips, visit my blog www.heelsandjuice.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter and instagram @lady_boothang.
Mayowa Folami.


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