Designer vs. Streetwear

Designer vs. Streetwear

We always hear how great and exclusive designer brands are. But unless you've got major cash flow coming in, keeping up with a complete designer lifestyle can be difficult. Needless to say that some of the trends are not exactly friendly for all sizes, or even practical for daily or weekend attire! The designer/high fashion market gets very limited in that sense. This is where Streetwear truely dominates. As well as providing unique and exclusive apparel in various sizes and accessories, streetwear does NOT break the bank, and still allows you to look unique and utterly quaint in comparison to the rest of the crowd!

Lets face it; alot of the high fashion trends do take inspiration from what is being worn on the streets. Designer brands have delved into the streetwear market and do have some nice pieces, but if you are like us, who constantly love updating their wardrobe with individual pieces, then authentic streetwear brands are what you are in need of.


Even though designers make limited edition clothing and accessories, you are still more likely to find many others that own exactly what you have or something very similar. For instance, the image above clearly shows every girls nightmare, and especially a celebrities nightmare! Paris Hilton and Rhianna wearing the same dress by Alexander Wang. What's the point in spending  on an item so many other people already have? When it comes to streetwear brands, many times you may very well get one-offs or items for a very limited collection at fraction of the cost! That's the charm! Don't get us wrong, it's not about being a hipster, bet simply setting yourself apart. But hey! Even if you are a hipster, we completely endorse your lifestyle!

Streetwear brands allow you to experiment with your inner fashion instincts and break the bounds of what society constricts as "fashion". Streetwear is a lifestyle and definitely takes the crown from designers. While it does follow trends, each brand has its own special touch. Why would you want anything else!?

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