We ♥ Fashion Sneakers

We ♥ Fashion Sneakers

(Image Courtesy of Who What Wear)

Since Spring 2012, another 80's inspired fashion trend took over the catwalks and the streets. Fashion sneakers as our American counter parts would call them, fashion trainers or trainer boots in the UK and high-top trainers have been a must-have in every fashionistas wardrobe.

We've especially loved the concealed heal trainer boots that are extremely comfortable, make you look severely trendy, give you a height boost you wouldn't get otherwise with regular flat trainers, and simply look fantastic! There have been so many high street brands that have had them from the likes of BANK Fashion, New Look, Asos, etc. The concealed heel trainer boots, depending on the style could easily be worked in a casual or semi casual outfit. You just need to be clever about it! They range from plain black and tan to multicoloured rainbowesque footwear!

Hightops seem to have crept back in 2013. The most famous of which are Converse, but equally as trendy are Converse imitations sold by Asos, New Look and various other High Street Brands. Hightops are slightly more on the casual side and are a great addition to your street style.

Both trainer boots and hightop trainers are perfect for students and young graduates, but also are an accessory for the creative artists! They are the type of footwear you can walk all over the city in without getting knackered! We love our fashionable trainer boots and it looks like they are here to stay!

(Image Courtesy of Notice Magazine)

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