Geek Chic Trend

Geek Chic Trend

Geek chic has been on trend for the past few year, loved by celebrities both male and female.

If you are really interested in sporting the geek style get yourself a pair of heavy plastic eyeglasses, and a short sleeve tee shirt. It couldn't be easier.

'The Geeksome' black T-Shirt from Street Rose Apparel is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Made for both guys and girls

The key to rocking this look is:
1. Always walk with confidence ... you're so not bothered by other's expressions.
2. Own your identity and be proud of it.
3. You need to celebrate the geek heritage by explaining each accessory and parts of your outfit. Don't be afraid to let people know it was your mothers or fathers. Vintage is SO hot - has been for a while now! Own it, and be proud.
4. If you are a man, your hair has to be messy. Why not take inspo from Johnny Deep or Brad Pitt.
5. If your a woman, go for some short bangs. Katy Perry's short bangs completed her geek style perfectly.
6. Always keep in touch with fellow geeks and keep up with the latest trends and styles.

Let the Geek Times Roll



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