Christmas is Over, But Green is Here to Stay

Christmas is Over, But Green is Here to Stay

Pantone names Radiant Orchid, an infusion of pink, fuschia and purple as 2014’s colour of the year. The glossy fashion magazines and beauty mavens may be obsessed with orange. But on the streets, green seems to be the go to colour this season. From coats to sweaters, head to toe (literally), shades of green are dominating the scene with shades ranging from olive and dark moss on parkas, Lincoln and darker hues on coats for the colder seasons, and bright shocking shades to add a bit more pizzazz to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Take your style cues from these stylish women around the world and try not to go green with envy at their ensembles.


It is finally coat season and the new year marks for new ways to reinvent your winter wardrobe. If you’re planning to splurge on a new coat, why not skip black and navy? Dark green will still go with everything while keeping your look fresh, while a bright green like Hanneli’s will surely make a statement wherever you go.


Go head to toe! Adding green accents into your shoes and hair is a brilliant way to inject personality into your looks.


For the girly girls amongst us, opt for Kelly greens which are sophisticated and elegant. Or go all out on a printed dress like this lovely lady in Shanghai did.
Green? Go for it!

Photo Credits : StreetPeeper.Com and The Sartorialist


By Medina Azaldin

Twitter: @medinascarlett



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