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iPhone In Distress

Lets face the truth, the iPhone isn't the most exciting looking smartphone out there. Yes, we had the iPhone 5C, and now we have a new design with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but if we are honest, they ARE boring! The human brain is not used to monotony; you get tired of the same old thing over and over again and you desperately need change! The worst thing is that besides the boring clear cases, there just aren't any good mobile cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! And if there are, they either cost an arm and a leg, or are just hideous!

IPhone cases initially started off mainly as protective devices that only served that purpose; to protect the phone. It has been over 5 years now, but iPhone users have had to suffer the brunt of having disgusting, boring cases due to lack of creative choice. Even, now in stores like CarphoneWarehouse, T-Mobile and other stores that sell iPhone cases, you'll find plain and boring ones costing you well over £30. The worst thing is that a) they are plain and boring and b) are not even that protective!

Several times in the past, when we have found the need to get a case, employees at stores, like T-Mobile have not been enthusiastic about selling a case or any iPhone accessory to us! They have blatantly been honest and told us, "You're better off buying a case off of eBay. They are cheaper and a lot better than what you'll get here! If we're honest, we lack any choice at all and the prices are unnecessarily expensive!"

Thing is, we already knew about eBay and how cheap we could get cases, but were sordidly disappointed at the lack of choice there as well! Once upon a time, we too were Blackberry users and then, we were spoilt for choice on cases in stores and on eBay. But some how, this did not carry through when we were on the hunt for some fashion conscious iPhone accessories. The slightly more fun ones we did buy were coming from China and took well over a month to reach. We're telling you, that was not fun! Honestly, we had even forgotten we had MADE the purchase!

And, if in our endless search for the perfect case, we finally struck gold and found the case of our dreams, it was costing us well over £80. Ah! The horror!

If any of you have faced a similar situation, don't worry, we've got you covered! KryptikRose has launched a vibrant range of cases ranging in styles to suit any individuals taste for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! We have been so pleased at the response as our cases have been really popular and this excites us! 

It's clear, our fashion forward Queens think just like us! A phone case should NOT BE UGLY, but is essential to complete our outfit of the day, whilst doing the job of protecting the love of our life, our smartphone! Now, when girls do "Outfit Of The Days", they will be compelled to mention what case they have on their phones! We always have our phones in our hands; texting, emailing, WhatsApp'ing, Google'ing, blogging and making phone calls. Let your phone finally speak volumes about how fun your personality is as well!


We thought to give you some outfit ideas! Check them out:

Buy This Case

Buy This Case


Hope you got inspired gorgeous girls!

Until next time!


 (UPDATED) - Original Publish Date: January 17, 2014


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  • Nora: January 17, 2014

    Very articulate post. I love the outfits . AWESOME!!!!!! Beautiful combos with exquisite mobile covers . Absolutely amazing. Well done Street Rose !!!!!

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