Winter Handbag Essentials

Winter Handbag Essentials

During the Winter Months my handbag is always fuller than it is during spring or summer, the rain, wind, snow and cold really takes its toll on my skin, hands and lips so I need to mix and change up what gets a spot in my bag this time of year. It's always as if my whole life is in my handbag, here is a rundown of some of my handbag essentials for Winter:


Hand creams are even more important in winter as the cold weather dries out the skin and a thicker formula is important to nourish and soothe dry skin. The Bodyshop's Almond Hand and Nail Cream 5 pounds is delicious smelling and a great price at £5.00 , Lush's super thick Helping Hands Cream (£7.50) is also great and is made from natural ingredients.



Maybe this one is a bit on the obvious side but being caught with a runny nose and no tissue at hand is not a laughing matter. But don't think you need to compromise on being fashionable whilst fighting off the sniffles! Opt for travel tissues that have packaging designed for the fashion conscious women on the go! The likes of Kleenex and Accessorize offer some adorable looking travel tissues you'd be confident to tug around. As alternatives, you can find travel tissue covers on Etsy that allow you to spice up any boring old travel tissue and bring in your personal flare!



Like like hands, lips really taken a beating during winter and often get chapped and dried out so a good quality lip balm is a must some great ones are: Lush's Honey Trap (£5.75) is a combination of soothing honey and white chocolate - who doesn't want lips which taste like chocolate? Burts Bees also make really good lip balms, my favourite is the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil which is avaliable from Boots for £3.69. Carmex is another perfect go-to brand that will smoothen and soften your chapped lips!



This one may seem a bit random and like it's not really something just restricted to Winter but during Winter I personally become that little bit more clumsy than usual and am constantly dropping my phone causing the back to come off, so a phone case is a particular neccesity for me at this time of year. Street Rose have some really great ones - my favourites are the 'London Calling' and 'Ms. Chanel' (Both £19.99)



Again this one is a bit obvious but it's always good to have these in your bag during winter, even if they are just a spare set.


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