My Valentine's Handbag

My Valentine's Handbag

We've all seen those videos on YouTube, "What's in my handbag?". It's all well and good to see what our fellow women choose to keep In their bags on a daily basis. We often come away with ideas we never considered before! So, today we are going to highlight items that definitely need to be in your bag for Valentine's Day! Whether you are spending all day with your beau, for lunch or meeting him for dinner; you need to have these basic essentials with you.

1. Alright ladies, yes we know you've dolled up and look amazing. But every girls best friend is having a lip balm in your bag. It's a life saver and not to mention keeps your lips looking and feeling divinely gorgeous! So make sure you have one with you! Our personal, tried and tested favourites are Carmex tinted lip balms and MAC's lip conditioner. They both do wonders for the lips, making them soft and supple. Choosing tinted options add in the splash of natural colour.

2. Keep a few items from your makeup kit for touch ups like mascara or your choice of lipstick. If you're planning on having a bold lip, we suggest applying the colour closest to the time you'll be seeing your man. This is advisable for the girls working all day and meeting up after work. The application will be fresh, and your lips will be well conditioned as we KNOW you will be using your lip balm all day, right!? ;) Having your mascara at hand is always helpful if you want to bolden your look from work to evening.

We wouldn't advise on powder as it tends to cake on the face after oil and powder have been on the face for several hours. As an alternative, keep Oil Absorbent papers that will help eliminate any grease and shine on your lovely day.

3. Keeping hand cream is the best way to have soft hands your man can't help but grasp all day long! Since Valentine's Day is almost always chilly here in London, it's best to treat your hands with love and care. The hand cream we simply love is by Nails Inc. It smells divine and hydrates the hands better than any other we've tried! May be pricey, but a little goes a long way!

4. Now this is about personal hygiene; something you should always have in your bag. A compressed deodorant hat compliments you will do wonders. You'll feel confident and fresh all day long.

5. This item is dependent on whether you're a Body Spray girl, Eau De Toilette lass or a Partum lady. Keep whichever you use the most often and is sure to draw in your man! For body spray we absolutely love Soap & Glory - "Mist You Madly". Our Eau De Toilette of choice is Cartier's Delices De. And last but not least, the parfum we die for is, but of course, Chanel No. 5!

6. To maintain your lovely hair style all day, whatever style you may have chosen, have a brush in hand, hair ties and extra bobby pins. You never know when you'll have a need.

7. Make sure you have a little mirror to make sure all your touch ups on the go are perfect!

8. Having fresh breath is extremely important anyway, but on Valentine's Day, or any date for that matter, you'll need it more. Have some gum or mints at hand for you and your guy. Our choice would be Extra Peppermint gum or Polo mints.

9. If you've chosen height over comfort, and are out and about all day, you may want to salvate your feet by keeping a pair of ballerina flats in your bag. We prefer the ones that come prepackaged for the purposes of your hand bag, but any ballerina shoe that is elasticated can fold to some degree. Have these at hand and you'll continue walking and dancing the night away with your man!

10. Might be unseemly but your ears might need some salvation too if you've opted for heavy, statement earrings. After a few hours they tend to make ears sore if they are particularly heavy. Having studs insures you can still dazzle your man without punishing your ears for too long.

11. This one is our favourite. Make sure your Oyster card is charged up and ready to go! There's nothing like spontaneous plans on Valentine's Day to make the day extra special. Instead of waiting around in cue's, make sure you're prepped and ready to be swept off your feet where ever you two decide to go!

We're sure these tips will be of use to young and experienced girls alike. Ladies are the same when it comed to Valentine's Day! It's a special day and we all want it to be perfect. Hope you all have a lovely day with your significant others or loved ones, whoever you choose to spend it with! Happy Valentine's Day dolls!

Until next time.

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