Winter Workout

Winter Workout

When the New Year approaches I am one of those people who always have the best of intentions when it comes to resolutions, one of which is always to workout more and be healthier. It always starts out really well but by this time of year it all goes a little bit wrong. Mainly because it's so cold outside and the thought of leaving the comfort of the house is something I dread. Here are some Winter Workout Essentials designed to make working out in the cold months that little bit more appealing.

One thing which is important when working out is to be comfortable with what you are wearing; when working out at home I like to keep it simple with a t shirt and a pair of yoga trousers - I like the 'Geeksome' Black t shirt by Street Rose, it appeals to the bookworm in me and the Sweaty Betty Karma Yoga Pant which are available from the Sweaty Betty website. A potential workout outfit is shown below. Don't be afraid of bright colours in the Winter. They actually work in your favour if you like running outside. Allows cars and pedestrians alike, to know to give you room and to be careful.

When it's cold outside, it's easy to find excuses not to work out, especially when the thought of being cuddled up by a fire with a warm drink is so much more appealing. Ways to get around this are to find workouts which you can do in the comfort of your own living room. The Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred DVD is great and really challenging, also youtube has a wide range of channels dedicated to working out. My favourites are Toneitup and Blogilates: both channels feature a range of workouts to keep things interesting and while the workouts look easy by the time you've gone through them you'll have worked up a sweat.

Music is also great motivator especially when you really don't have the motivation to step outside for a workout, here's a small list of songs which are sure to make you want to get up and move - even if just to dance around your living room:

- The Monster - Eminem
- Dark Horse - Katy Perry
- Roar - Katy Perry
- Love Don't Die - The Fray
- I do not hook up - Kelly Clarkson


By Tania Collins

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  • Hi Nancy. I just purchased your book and video. I have to wait until I get home to daoolnwd it though, so I haven’t checked it out yet. I am really curious about something your family (mom, dad, siblings if you have any). In a lot of videos you say that you didn’t have a lot of people in your life- that it was just you and your husband and daughter. But its hard to imaging a Puerto Rican mom not bothering with you, LOL! I had one of those. I would think she would be so proud!

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