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Alexis Mabille Makes A Case for Sweatshirts....Kind of

The most perfect indication that time is truly passing by us is by following fashion week. It seems as though it was only yesterday editors and insiders were tweeting / writing / blogging about Alexander Wang’s unconventional show venue in Brooklyn. Now we’re already halfway through Paris and once the mega houses (Hello Chanel! Where shall we go after Dallas?) start showing, fashion month will soon end, which means…we would be quarter through the year!
Let’s talk FASHIOOOONNNNN (do it in the Oprah manner. You know you want to.)

There have been so many favourites so far from every city that I have documented on my Pinterest. But I always know when a collection is an absolute winner when it makes me smile when I go through show pictures. And this morning, the designer behind the collection is Alexis Mabille, the Parisian with affection for bows.

Mabille cites that this collection is the coup de vent, or breezy. Sheer, lacy, embellished fabrics are not exactly the first things that come to mind when it comes to easy dressing. But then again, the Alexis Mabille girl is one that always wants to feel pretty regardless of what she wears. She’s not one to casually throw on just any old sweatshirt or tie just simply a lumberjack shirt around her waist and call it a day. This collection is breezy, but in an Alexis Mabille way. A way that is delicately glamorous, but still, with a hint of nonchalance

But of course these are not the kind of sweatshirts one would wear every day (Okay, if I was made of millions, I would!) . This is why we have Street Rose to give us the option of looking casual and cool, all day every day.

Credits : Style.Com

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  • Mehran: May 19, 2015

    Yes, this is how competitions have to be run, it is a legal mttaer. It is not that we want to keep and use anyone’s designs, far from it. The sketches themselves are not of use to us without the designer behind them. What we are trying to build is a showcase for designers and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed. The competition is to find the first designer to work with us, after that we hope to take on more designers.We are essentially a small start-up company and our focus is the designers, the sketch competition is a way of finding new designers. We want to work with the talented people out there. So while we legally say that we own the designs this is to protect us, not to prevent you from using the designs yourself somewhere else. If you do, we really do not mind, we just want the winner’s designers to be original.Anyone running a competition has to add in a number of legal protections. So are we going to use anyone’s work without their permission? Absolutely not. Do we need to protect ourselves? Yes, hence the clause that we will own all the artwork submitted. If you check the terms and conditions of any competition or contest you will find this to be the case.We are very happy to answer further questions on this as we completely understand how the designer, as an artist, feels about submitting their work, so please write back if we have not clarified this enough.

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