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Fashion Is Daring To Be Different

Now, I really believe in the above statement and have done for many years! I’m a big fan of pushing the boundaries of colour and style but also being different from the crowd and what society deem fashionable or correct wear for high profile events such as the Oscars!


Let’s take the crazily cool Pharrell Williams. He very much dared, I don’t know one might say had the audacity, to wear a shorts tuxedo suit! I already hear the sigh and the why from some of you, hahaha. But I absolutely and unquestionably loved it loved it loved it. To me it showed he was staying true to himself and he pulled it off. I mean really, who else could have sported a “Short Tuxedo? ;) Yes, it’s great to see people putting a twist on what is socially accepted. Kudos to you, Pharrell.


Though, nothing in this world will make me like his range of huge hats! Sorry mate. Maybe an inch or two smaller and you would have got me. 


 I don’t always agree with The Fashion Police and feel people should be able to wear what they think suits them. However, some celebrities take it a tad too far and end up in a, “Woah! Who’s responsible for not helping that situation?” hahaha.


Here are a few examples over the years, of “Go home and get changed, quick” ;) 


Geena Davis, trying desperately to rock the frilly Barbie look. 


Bjork is the cutest however the swan head is not so cute!



Totally confused as to why Mariah Carey wore this plain black shapeless dress and fishnet tights. And thought let me slip on some leather gloves. Very confused!



Unfortunately some people can’t help but get it wrong. Yes I have said that Fashion is daring to be different but it has to at least make sense.


A perfect example of getting it right is Solange Knowles. What I love the most about Solange is her audacity to put these colour ways together but it is soooo what I would do and is the embodiment of, “Daring to be Different” but makes total sense. 

I absolutely love pink and green and regularly wear green socks with pink shoes. You go gurl ;) 

Tilda Swinton is another brazen fashionista. She is definately in my top 10, “people to watch out for and be inspired by”. She literally can do no wrong in my eyes! And of course The Guardian agrees with me, naming her as one of the fifty best-dressed over 50s in 2013. 


Ok so I know a few of you will think I’m a little of my rocker liking this rainbow outfit but it’s a winner for me. 


These war style glasses are boldly cool and I definitely rock them with green leather gloves. 


Tilda’s hair is absolutely yummy. Tilda, you can give me fashion tips any day. Daring to be different isn’t train crash fashion or vulgarity! It’s about having the confidence to be a little different from the rest through colour and shape!

Own your style. Then work it.




By Sheree Codling

Find her at:

Twitter: @whatredzzsaid



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  • Lenna: May 20, 2015

    Deadly accurate answer. You’ve hit the bueyslle!

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