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Mens 90's Fashion

The 90s was the BEST period and I for one am in full support of its fashion re-emergence. You can catch me walking down the streets singing along to Ce Ce Peniston, wearing light jeans, an oversized brightly coloured jacket and Nike Huaraches. The fashion started creeping its way back during 2013 and now it’s in full force for 2014. Get your vintage clothes out and party until the sun rise!


Let’s begin with the jackets. Think block colouring, bombers and two sizes too big for you. Think FUN.

90s Nylon Bomber Jackets 

You’ll definitely stand out of You’ll definitely stand out of the crowd with one of these. Jeans. You can’t go wrong with a pair of light blue skinnies.

Light Blue Skinny Jeans  

The 90s fashion loved light blue jeans and so does 2014. Some major brands emerging in trainers are ASICS, New Balance and Nike. Nike has really got in on-point with their styles and have successfully brought back their 90s best-sellers Huaraches. 

Nike Huarache Black White Court Purple 

Nike Huarache White Black Bright Magenta


They are a bit steep in price at £89.99 but absolutely worth it! The comfort of these trainers is like nothing else. They feel like what I imagine walking on women’s breasts would be like. These ‘out there’ styles radiate confidence and you’ll definitely be receiving some compliments. Stand out from the crowd and wear whatever the hell you want! However, don’t take it too far. I’ve seen some people take it to the extremes; I mean matching top and bottoms, has that ever been truly been acceptable? I think not.


By Mark Barratt

Twitter: MarkNBarratt



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