Womens 90's Fashion

Womens 90's Fashion

As we peel off our burgundy, grey and black outfits, it’s time to get ready for bold colours and prints to take off this spring/summer. The 90’s style was a massive trend in the summer last year and is making a comeback this spring/summer. The 90’s trend has something for everyone – us rockers that like a good guitar riff as well as us ravers that just like to have fun in the sun. It will reflect your personality whatever category you come under.

Bright neon colours and prints are slowly appearing in our high street shops due to the warmer weather approaching which gives us the reason to dig out those tie dye t-shirts from last year.


Gingham and plaid are replacing the traditional autumn/winter tartan that we had last season and cut out ankle boots allow us to wear them for a little longer before the sandals come out.   


The fun factor is definitely being portrayed through accessories this year. Even designers as elegant as Chanel are jumping on the youthful bag band wagon. This was lego inspired bag which is another aspect of the 90’s that was particularly popular. Chanel has a range of colours in this shape of bag including one that’s clear. Means you’ll need to keep the bag tidy ladies!


The bubble bag brings back many memories for those of us that grew up in the 90’s and is set to be returning to our wardrobes as pre adults. Many high street retailers are introducing fun bags as a way of adding a spring splash to an outfit. If you’re having a dress down day, revamp your outfit with one of these bags. 


Lemon bag - £22.00
Camera bag - £25.00
Both from Accessorize

Denim is a crucial piece in any wardrobe and is particularly important when nailing the 90’s trend. Since spring can sometimes be a bit chilly - especially in this country when the weather is just as unpredictable as the lottery – it’s good to invest in a good pair of jeans. And so I give you…the mom jeans. This portrays the 90’s look perfectly with the loose fitting legs and high-waisted fit. There is a good range of different washes and styles of mom jeans in Topshop right now so snap up a pair while they’re hot. 


Team up a pair of mom jeans with one of our graphic tee’s and you’re on your way to being a 90’s kid. Turn up the bottom of the jeans and t-shirt sleeves to add a bit of attitude or throw over a checked or plaid shirt to emphasise that laid back feel. This Forever 21 shirt has a little Disney detail that just adds the fun factor to the outfit.

The 90’s trend gives us a chance to look back on youthful memories and have a bit of fun with our fashion choices. At the end of the day that’s what summer is all about. 

By Rebecca Redmond
Twitter: @rebeccaredmond
Instagram: @rebeccaredmond
Blog: http://redmonddd.blogspot.co.uk/ 


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