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Hello beautiful people! No, don't worry, you aren't in the wrong place. You've found Kryptik Rose Apparel, which was formerly known as Street Rose Apparel. We've changed our name, but we're still the same!

If you must know, unfortunately we were dealing with some boring legal blaadida that led us to change our name; albeit with a heavy heart. But, we believe Kryptik Rose Apparel is more...Kryptik! It's hip, it's quirky and it's the NEW US! We hope you'll be just as excited about the change as we are!

What you will find most comforting is that you'll find everything is exactly the same, even though the name of our brand has changed! Literally, that is the ONLY change you'll see! We just want to fill you in on the whys because, we care!

We wanted to go steady with you guys, trademark ourselves and the whole nine yards because we're in it for the long haul! We came across issues, and acted swiftly, because we are just that smart. On our toes, at all times! We're the fashion ninjas!

Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning the brand over from Street Rose Apparel, to Kryptik Rose Apparel on our various Social Media platforms. We hope you'll continue to be as wonderful as you are and support us all the way through!

We are working some kinks out with our Facebook page, but other than that, everything else is absolutely dandy! The former "Street Rose Bites" that you love will now simply be "Kryptik Rose Bites". Nothing to it!

You can now find our respective Social Media hangouts as follows:

Twitter: kryptikrose_LDN
Instagram: kryptikrose_LDN
Pinterest: kryptikroseLDN

We appreciate your patience, cooperation and support during this change with us. Spread the word dolls! Kryptik Rose for the win!


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