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Thrifty Thursday's: DIY Shoe Trends

Posted on May 15 2014

We all have those expensive high end designer shoes we have our eyes on, BUT our wallets may only allow us to buy a single pair, if any! So, how is a fashionista expected to stay on trend without parting with too much cash? Fashion DIY, of course! 

Being thrifty is absolutely essential for any fashionable woman! We're sharing some of the cutest DIY Shoe Trends spotted on Pinterest! (Just click on the images for tutorials on how to achieve the looks!)

1. The first DIY idea we're looking at is an adorable project the fashion blogger LoveMaegan did with her darling daughter! Spice up old or new shoes with glitter for the latest cap toe trend! 

 Image from 

2. Similar to the first look, this is also the trendy cap toe look, but with a funky neon cap toe! These are so rare to find on a budget, so definitely a perfect thrifty project that's just as good as a high-end option! 

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3. Glitter definitely seems to be on trend! Here's a great dupe for glittered boots seen at TopShop and the like! 

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4. Another gorgeous DIY shoe project by Sprinkles In Springs is the laced up trainer! These are totally to die for! 

Image from 

5. Keeping with the lace theme, here's how to lace up your plain ballerina flats. Love it!  

Image from

6. Lastly, one of the trendiest DIY looks we came across! Aztec trainers that look just as good as the pricey ones from BANK Fashion! 

Image from

So go ahead girls, give any or ALL of these a shot! You'll feel like you just splurged and spent a million quid!


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  • Amalu: May 16, 2015

    wow sis! ang ganda ng header!!! gayann dn gsuto ko header ung mga pagmumukha namin ehehehh )Thanks for joining at im glad na inspired kita LOL ;D NWEis ang saya naman ng mag aama mo .d bale sa lahat naman ng family may knya knyang ups and downs .its normal ehhehe ung iba dyan d lang naglalabas ng downs ehehhehe )See you nest week!

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