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Maquillage Monday's: Spring/Summer Looks

This Spring/Summer 2014, the make-up looks on the runway are full of pastel shades of this years Pantone colour of the year: Radiant Orchid, accompanied with all sorts of gorgeous pastel shades. Lets not forget neons are seriously in this season, and we are seeing a lot of bright coral lips for a look that's wearable on a daily basis!

The eyes can be played up or down, but most of the emphasis as of late is on the lip and cheek colour. The eyes are wide eyed with gorgeous layers of mascara, (and fake lashes, if you need the boost) and a simple winged liner. A lot of the time, these looks work amazingly well without a defined winged liner.

To give you girls a few ideas on how to make these colours work for you, we've compiled some gorgeous looks that would compliment any skin tone for this Spring/Summer!

So lets get to it ladies!

LOOK NUMBER 1 - Peachy Keen

This look is a perfect Spring/Summer look that works for any year, really. The peachy pink cheeks and lips look lovely with bronzed cheeks and slightly tanned skin.

For those of us that are still sporting our wintery white skin, this suits us just fine too! Just dust on some lovely bronzer on cheeks and temples, even the sides of the nose for a slimmed sniffer, and we are dolled up for the summer! You can choose to go down the self tanner route. Maybe using a gradual self tanner would be better, and appear more natural. The peachy toned lip is perfect for a day and night look. Wearing a bold or subtle brow allows you to diversify this look. A subtle brow looks super in the day time; a bolder brow allows you that fierce look!

This peachy delight is also the definite go-to look for the beach; whether you go down to Brighton or splurge and relax in Sorrento, Lesvos or Dubai! Perfect!

LOOK NUMBER 2 - Mint Condition

Mints and Pinks look amazing when pairing gorgeous outfits. These are definitely some of the most popular colour combinations this Spring, so why not utilise them for your maquillage looks? Gorgeously minty lids with a perfect pink lip - divine! Give yourself the feline look with lined lids and volumised lashes. Subtle brows allow the focus to be on your pastelly eyes and stunner lips. Cleopatra in the Spring time!

LOOK NUMBER 3 - Coral Reef

This is another stunning look for a beach holiday, summer festival or even something that can be pulled off day to day. Everything on the face is bronze and toned down. We won't be playing up the eyes besides a few layers of mascara for a gorgeous, "awake" eye. You can use a white liner for the water line to accentuate the doe eyed look. Adorn your lips with the brigtt coral lip, and your an instant summer sensation!

LOOK NUMBER 4 - Radiant Orchid

This years Pantone Colour is a lilac purple and we've been seeing it a lot on the runway and in streetstyle. This look is completely dedicated to the colour of the year with a lilac lip and cheek. An pearly white lid, lined lids and gorgeously volumised lashes do the entire look justice. Bold brows would give this lilac beauty justice!

Here are our top 4 maquillage looks for this Spring/Summer 2014! Make sure you come back next Monday for some more Make-Up inspiration!


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  • Esma: May 16, 2015

    Perso cette palette je l’a veux et je l’AURAI (cris de gurree dirige9 vers mon homme :))!! et non pas parce que c’est du chanel mais parce que . je sais pas c’est une envie incontrf4lable comme le 505 pour vous lol, pour tout vous dire j’en ai reave9 cette nuit (en vrai de vrai hein) avec le vernis 505!! comme quoi e7a m’obse8de! je crois que je vais arreater de lire tout blog beaute9 parce que mon homme ne suit plus (hihihi)Bref :/Sinon e7a te vas bien :)

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