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Trendy Tuesday's: 90s Tattoo Choker

So, it is official, the 80s trends have left the building and it's time for 90s fashion to shine! If we're honest, not every fashion trend in the 90s is something to be pulled off today, but for the most part, it's doing pretty well!

If you're an 80s baby, you most likely spent your childhood and teenage years in the 90s, with your Polly Pocket's, Yo-Yo's, Tamogatchi's and Pogo Sticks. When it came to jewellery, you probably had on a ton of rings and chokers! More importantly, the tattoo choker that was SO popular! If you didn't already know, this little plastic beauty is very on trend since mid 2013!

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Willow Smith and even Madonna's 17 year old daughter was seen sporting one. It definitely seems to be one of the fashion trends the fashionistas are embracing.

For us older girls, we're sure we can rummage through our drawers and resurface our "original" 90s tattoo chokers!

Here's a peek at which celebrities are wearing the 90s tattoo choker:

Emma Roberts

Willow Smith



Katy Perry


Jenna McDougall

Go on girls, find your old tattoo chokers you wore so proudly to school, or go get yourself a new one!

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