Thrifty Thursday's: DIY 90s Tattoo Choker

Thrifty Thursday's: DIY 90s Tattoo Choker

So, we're loving the 90s tattoo choker trend? The good news is, you can be thrifty and make yourself one...three...or however many you want, in however many colours! The original is black, which stands out on everyone, but try neons and pastels too!

Get yourself these supplies:
Stretch Cord/Fishing Line

Here are instructional videos we found on YouTube to help you this Thrifty Thursday!

By HeartsAndHauls

By KianaHearts


Give these a shot and tweet us pics if you make them at: @kryptikrose_ldn

Would love to see how you rock these!

Until next time!

Mia (come talk to me on Twitter @thekryptikrose)


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