Trendy Tuesday's: Pool Sliders

Trendy Tuesday's: Pool Sliders


I was a bit dubious when I first heard and saw that these slip-on sandals were back on trend for summer. But after some careful consideration and some scoping all over the high street, I realised that actually, sliders are not only comfortable and easy to wear they can actually look quite glam! Only if teamed with the right outfit of course. However if a laid back look is more your style then the ease of the slider shoe will be right up your street!

I personally prefer the more glam embellished/ metallic styles that are available on the high street (TOPSHOP and New Look have some beautiful styles) which are great for a pool-slide glamour teamed with a plain bikini and kimono. Sliders are generally considered to be a bit more on the sporty side of the sandal spectrum and well can be described as not overly fashionable. But like most trends it is all about how you work the look with the rest of your outfit. The original sporty style from the likes of Adidas and Nike are to me not quite fashionable footwear. Although they can look quite cool on the right person or the right set of feet (Rita Ora’s to be exact) but for me I just associate the Adidas sliders with my Dad back in the 90’s (not a good look for Dad then or now). 

Just like most fashion trends it just needs a few celebs to be snapped wearing the trend for it to be then lusted after by the majority. This is exactly what happened with style icons like Rihanna and Dakota Fanning who proved that sliders are no longer only considered as acceptable to be worn round the pool or at the beach; which means spending your free time around the city or spending your hard earned cash shopping- you’ll be right on trend wearing your sliders which let’s face it are much less likely to give you those awful blisters in comparison to a pair of high legged high fashion gladiator sandals. I am all for a trend that combines a bit of comfort with fashion as most of the time the two don’t always go together (yes I’m talking about those 6 inch heels you adore but just cannot bear the pain of wearing them outside the comfort of your house). 

The slider shoe has had some modification from the original pool slider design. As shown on catwalk shows from high end designers including; Michael Kors, and Chloe which added a wedge to the design for those fashionistas who just are not quite ready to embrace the flat pool slider trend once again. So if the flat design isn’t quite your thing why not invest in a higher pair still right on trend but with a bit more height! 

Here are a few of my favourites on and off the high street. 


By Rachel Parkes
Twitter: @rachelparkes93
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