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Trend Alert 2015: "Septum Rings"

Hello lovers! We are now well into 2015; more than half way through February! Eek! But hey, it's alright! Every new year comes with fashion trends that are either unique to the year or mostly recycled from previous eras or decades. 2015 is seeing a massive rise in the septum piercing. You will see septum piercings on celebrities and YouTubers alike; both male and female!

If you're confident enough and willing to commit to a septum piercing, you can definitely go for it. But don't feel that you need to go down the piercing route necessarily because there are safer and painless options available! You can get your hands on FAUX SEPTUM RINGS which look pretty legit. Honestly, we think they are the best option because they are PAIN FREE, non-committal and still allow you to look like a bad ass!

Below are an assortment of images of pierced and faux septum rings. We dare you to tell us which one is pierced and which one is faux! 



In case you're a dare devil or just someone who loves piercings and are looking to get one yourself, check our Balyn's experience with her septum piercing last year:


Here is a video on septum ring choices available and where you can get your hands on some stunning septum jewellery from:


Also check Lamoda out for real and faux septum rings to suit your needs! So there you have it you gorgeous people! Let us know. Are you loving or hating the septum ring/piercing trend? Would you wear it? If so, would you pierce your septum or go the faux route? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Tika: May 16, 2015

    geia sas!!!! prin duo meres ekana piercing sthn muth mou. enw mou eixe kesieli h trupa edw kai 2 xronia peripou thn 3ana anoi3a. ebaza kai bazw oinopneuma kai guriza to skoulariki pou kai pou. to bradu omws ths meras pou ekana thn trupa h muth mou prhsthke kai ponousa arketa wste na mh mporw na koimh8w xwris pausipono. thn epomenh mera h muth mou prhstike kai ponaei fovera. phra auth pou mou ekane thn trupa thl kai mou eipe oti einai apoluta fusiologiko…. einai ontws apoluta fusiologiko na ponaei sxedon olo mou to magoulo h’ na to bgalw amesws?

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