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6 WAYS TO STYLE A TEE! 1. Roll up the sleeves - this gives your...


1. Roll up the sleeves - this gives your entire look a very relaxed feel. A very minimal way of styling and you’ll be surprised at how much this little step can change the look of your outfit!

2. Knot it - Another very relaxed way to style a tee, which also helps to eliminate any unwanted length of your tee without giving it the snip. It also adds a boho vibe which looks amazing with high waisted jeans etc.

3. Wear it with a leather jacket - this is such a sexy way to style tees on slightly chilly summer days, but is definitely a go-to for Fall and Winter looks. You can switch the looks up completely if you’ve got yourselves different coloured leather jackets (keep in mind faux leather does the job just as well )

4. Wear it with a denim jacket - This is a semi-casual look which literally works all year round. You can either choose to style your tees with a long sleeved denim jacket or a denim vest where you can show off those rolled sleeves for a perfect summer look ☺

5. Wear it with a blazer - who says you can’t wear tees to work!? It’s certainly guaranteed when you pair them with a blazer and dressy trousers. Fashion for the working woman now is a lot more forgiving than it was even a decade ago. Don’t hesitate to wear trends for work, especially of you’re in the creative sector!

6. Wear it with a statement piece - This is by far the most unexpected way to style a tee for a lot of girls. Not only does a statement piece like a gorgeous necklace accentuate your tee, you can take a casual tee and transform it to a completely formal look! It’s all about what you style it with; whether it’s a chiffon maxi skirt or a golden foil midi skirt! ️

Tees are an absolute staple for EVERY girls wardrobe! Just have fun with the pieces you have and create MULTIPLE looks with them! Have fun!


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