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Fashion Recap of 2015 (Or Should We Say Kylie's Year?)

Posted on January 11 2016

Fashion Recap of 2015 (Or Should We Say Kylie's Year?)
So yes, we are about 2 weeks into 2016, but honestly we can not get over just how quickly 2015 went by! Just feels like we left 2014 behind. But such is life! Last year was action-packed with lots of celebrity gossip and celebrity fashion trends. But can we be real? 2015 was hands down Kylie Jenner's year. You'll see what we mean as you read on!

Having said that, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have their momager Kris Kardashian to thank for their constant and persistent limelight. Those girls could jump on packaging of "air" bandwagon and we'd buy it! So here we go.

15 Memorable Fashion Moments of 2015

1. Kylie took a leaf out of our chocolate/mocha/frappe sistas and upped her wig game. One wig for every mood we think!
2. Pastel hair continued to reign early 2015...
3. Bowler hats were and still are the ish!
4. Kendall Jenner continued to slay the high fashion sector. Her & the entire Kardashian-Jenner helped make BALMAIN the desired designer of the year!
5. Culottes happened...
6. Flared 70s trousers made an appearance...
7. Clown, dots, dashes, lines, circles, swirls, sugar skulls took over the make-up world...
8. Strobing became a thing...
9. Lace-up sandals rocked the red carpets...
10. 2015 take on 90s makeup with either pinky nude or dark vampy matte lips and a bold eye made viral and desirable by KyKy. That girl would make The Wolf Of Wall Street proud!
11. Pointy-toe shoes made a comeback!
12. Ombré shmombré. 2015 was all about Balayage. These styles are cousins at best, but hey. They're different, okay?!
13. Then balayage unicorned up and it was time to play with different colours! Also termed "mermaid balayage"...
14. It was the year of liquid lipsticks. Anything different was just unacceptable! (Kylie releases Lip Kits)...
15. Reflective sunglasses became popular and are definitely going to be a must-have in 2016 too!
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Lets hope 2016 is just as eventful and memorable in the fashion world as 2015 was! We're geared up for the year ahead and really looking forward to this years trends. We'll be sure to keep our girls updated!
Until next time girlies!
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