Cinderella Lips what?!

Cinderella Lips what?!


So we came across the article written by LOOK Magazine about a trend that we’ve been seeing for a while now, but weren’t aware of it’s official name. You know what everyone casually calls, the “Kylie Jenner Lips”? Well, they are actually called Cinderella Lips! Get it? Clock strikes 12 and the magic wears off! Charming, really! 

It’s definitely a trend that has caught on and has spread like wild fire. Regular girls are going “under the knife”…or rather “under the needle” to get the fuller than full lips look. Traditionally this procedure is given as a trial period to women looking to get fillers in that typically last months, or sometimes years. 

The Cinderella Lips look is not without pain. It too require lip injections, but instead of the regular lip plumping solution, the lips are injected with a saline solution. Consequently the effects only last 7-8 hours. Is it really worth the needles in your lips and bruising the day after? Perhaps the end results enough for girls who want to give this trend a try. Your typical ends justifying the means scenario!  

Most of these procedures are honestly not affordable. However, the Cinderella Lips is marketed as such – costing £30 at a Harley Street clinic. £30 for a treatment that lasts only a few hours; affordable? You be the judge. 

We always suggest that natural beauty is gorgeous and something all girls should be proud of. Of course we use make up to simply accentuate our natural beauty. If you feel the Cinderella Lips is an extension of that, then go for it. We just don’t to see celebrity insecurities brushing off on impressionable young girls and women, though sadly it does happen. Personally, we don’t believe in artificial enhancements. But, if they make you happy, then we’re happy they make you happy! Happiness all around! 

We’re interested to hear back from you. Would you go through this procedure? Would you go through any procedure? If so, let us know which ones and why in the comment section below!
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