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Trend Spotter - ATHLETiC Wear

Athletic wear - trend spotter

Welcome to our newest segment to our fashion blog - TREND SPOTTER. We will be bringing you the latest and greatest in fashion trends 2017 has to offer.

Lately, you must have seen celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Rihanna dawning Adidas track suits that just 5 years ago were considered the 90s major faux pas. But since the fashion industry finally bid the 80s style inspiration good bye in late 2015, nearly every aspect of the 90s has been resurrected. 

Athletic wear is a more recent terminology for Sports Wear or "gym clothes". The only difference is that it is now perfectly acceptable to be seen out and about wearing said "athletic wear" even if you aren't headed for your daily cardio routine. Leggings have been a part of our wardrobe since the past 10 years, but more recently "yoga pants", which are more or less leggings but for the gym or yoga, have surfaced on the fashion scene. Celebrities have been spotted wearing yoga pants in their casual ensembles. Even though leggings should typically be worn with a top that has some length to it, as of late, showing off all your assets has been a running trend, as is with yoga pants.

Celebrities in Yoga Pants

Celebrities and fashionistas alike have also been seen sporting sports bras (see what we did there ;)) for an effortlessly casual look.

Celebrities and Fashionistas in Sports Bras

But the athletic wear trend that particularly stands out the most out of all the other looks is the emerging and major throwback "tracksuit trend". They have been given the modern 2017 twist by pairing them with bralets or sports bras and high heels for an updated look. You can choose to wear boots, sandals or high heels, depending on the aesthetic you're going for. 

Tracksuit trend with high heels

If you are not looking to go all out in a matching tracksuit, you can still opt for a comfy but show stopping look with jogger bottoms, a cute top, leather biker jacket and pointed high heels for example. The options are really endless with the combinations you can create to match your mood of the day.

Joggers with high heels

Are you a fan of the athletic wear trend? Have you jumped on this trend yet? If so, we would love to know your thoughts!

Until next time!

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  • Sonia: April 17, 2017

    I love this blog post. I like wearing leggings and love dressing up sports wear, but hate the transparent leggings trend.

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