Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles

If you follow the beauty scene on Instagram and YouTube, then maybe you have come across this new trend flying around - "faux freckles".

Until very recently, high coverage foundations have been one of the most sought out make up products because women with natural freckles have almost always been insecure about them. But there seems to be a growing interest in creating freckles for just a day, with faux freckles acting as a temporary tattoo that removes easily with makeup remover. Alternatively, they can be drawn on using a brown eye brow pencil. But some companies, like TopShop have taken this opportunity to market a "freckle pencil"! 

For some reason, some girls are going the extra mile and permanently tattooing freckles onto their faces because they like the look.

In our opinion, natural freckles are absolutely beautiful and nothing to feel insecure about. This trend is a little strange for us since the faux freckles actually look quite "faux". But, the only good that can come out of this trend is to give girls with natural freckles some more confidence about them! What are your views on faux freckles?

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