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Feather Brows - Yay or Nay?

Something that allegedly started off as a joke is circulating around the internet. What is that, you ask? Feathered brows, which was created as a supposed joke by Finnish Instagram make up artist Stella Sironen. The look was both criticised by some and well received by others.



We doubt this is a look that will be something fashionistas will be sporting to work, but it could be something to take into consideration for high fashion looks or avant-garde photoshoots. One thing is for sure though, you do need a thick set of brows to be able to give this look a go. 



Others have been taking inspiration and creating their own feather brow looks, but so far it is just on Instagram. Definitely could be a look for festivals if you're into trying new things!




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Let us know what you think of this "trend"? Do you even think it IS a trend and will it catch on?

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