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Gator Case - Iridescent (2 Sizes)



This stunning iPhone case will definitely mesmerise you and those around you. With gorgeous iridescent shifting colours, this case will remind you of dichroic glass in all its glory. Looking for a gift? This is a perfect choice!


*Does NOT have an iridescent card insert :) The case is iridescent itself!

About KryptikRose®

KryptikRose® is a boutique brand that prides itself in carefully created and curated items for your home and wardrobe. Each piece on our website is meticulously illustrated, painted or curated by our very own Mia. She loves bringing you unique pieces for your home or closet that you'll always enjoy.

KryptikRose® is NOT fast fashion, as Mia believes quality products that you'll enjoy for longer are more valuable than those you'll chuck after a few wears. We're advocates for ethical fashion that will always be in style!

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