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Rosita - Pink to White Ombre Bristles Make-Up Brush Set

£22.00 GBP

A beautiful set of 7 rosita - rose gold make up brushes to add elegance and glamour to your vanity! Use these stunners to make your face from cute to "hot damn"!

The brush bristles are made from high grade synthetic fibers that are unbelievably soft and silky to the touch. The makeup application is brilliantly smooth and they are a breeze to clean.

The encapsulating ferrule is made from aluminum, while the handle is also made of metal. The light construction of the brushes provides a sturdy grip for precision application. Suitable for all skin types. 


- Powder Brush

- Blush Brush

- Foundation Brush

- Flat Blending Brush

- Eyeshadow Brush

- Pencil Brush

- Eyeliner Brush

 We advise to give these brushes (or any new cosmetics brush from any brand), a deep clean before use. This ensures a safe and hygienic makeup application that is good for your skin, your makeup brushes and your makeup products. Do give your brushes a deep clean at least once a week. The cleaner your tools, the better for you!