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Mini Silicone Glove Makeup Brush Cleaner



Keeping your makeup brushes clean is mandatory for good skin health. These little mini silicone cleaning gloves make the entire process a lot easier. Gone are the days when we used the palm of our hands to get all the nasty makeup gunk out! 

The smaller knobs at the front are used for foaming and lathering, and the grooves on the rest of the mini glove are to agitate the bristles of your makeup brush. No matter what size of brush you have, this little mini guy will do the job!

Use with any cleaner you choose, whether its baby shampoo or dedicated makeup brush cleanser. 


We recommend giving any makeup cleansing tool a good wash before using it to clean your makeup brushes. Simply use soap and warm water to clean the mini glove before using it to wash your brushes.

Our recommendation is also to give it a quick rinse between cleaning your brushes, just to eliminate any cross contamination. Pat it dry with a towel once you're done, and thats it! 

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