Project C

Unlike certain heads of state, we at KryptikRose® cannot ignore the very reality of climate change and the devastating effects it’s having throughout our planet. With melting glaciers and rising sea levels, to destructive hurricanes and apocalyptic wild fires, we can no longer just sit back and do nothing.

As citizens of the globe, we feel it is our collective responsibility to work together to reduce our carbon footprint in whatever way possible. This is why we have partnered with Carbon Checkout to bring you PROJECT C, an opportunity to round up your purchase and donate as little as £1 towards this cause.

How can your change help, you ask? Your contributions will enable third-party certified zero emission renewable energy and carbon projects become a reality. Together, our change adds up to make a real and measurable difference to reduce the very real effects of climate change through collective action.

Your donations will go towards projects like the Oaxaca Wind Power Complex, the largest wind power complex in Latin America. The farm has 294 wind turbines that supply enough electricity to power 700,000 hones, resulting in 670,000 metric tons of carbon emission reductions from the atmosphere each year.

Another initiative Project C will help contribute to through your donations is using landfill gas, that produces methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and converting it into an energy source to prevent methane from migrating into the atmosphere. This in turn will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute significantly to global climate change. One of the ongoing projects is the MP greenwood Landfill Gas to Energy Project.

By choosing to be a part of Project C, you become part of a powerful movement to reduce our carbon footprints and make a better, safer future for our posterity. It’s not too late yet. We can still make a difference. Donate at checkout.