"I Love Me" Collection

The longer we're in the fashion industry, the more we realise that women really use fashion as a form of therapy; a respite from their painful struggles in life. It's so heart warming for us when women open up to us about their deepest pains and struggles • • •

Our Collection isn't just another clothing collection from ANOTHER clothing brand. We wanted it to MEAN something and to be able to resonate with those who choose to wear our clothes • • •

Every single one of us struggles in life, we all lose hope sometimes, we all have some kind of pain we need to heal from; whether it's physical, emotional or even both. Amongst all of the pain, struggles and feeling disheartened, we often begin to feel intensely negative emotions within ourselves and ABOUT us • • •

We felt it was an absolute necessity to create such a collection which allows us to remind ourselves to #BELIEVE in ourselves and that better times WILL come; to allow ourselves to #HEAL from emotional pain, but also to believe that physical ailments can and will heal over time as well. To let the world and yourself know that "I LOVE ME"! You are a beautiful rose and the thorns will shed because you will cut them off • • •

If we can offer any of you even the slightest smile, beacon of hope or encouragement, then we feel like we're doing something right • • •

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