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'Heart' (Self-Love) Engraved Silver Bar String Bracelet (4 Finishes)

£50.00 GBP
Black Rhodium
18K Rose Gold
White Rhodium
24K Gold

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness" ~ Robert Morley

A heart mostly always symbolises love, so why should it be different in this collection? It could symbolise love for your nearest and dearest, or simply 'self-love'. 

Many of us struggle with loving ourselves because we may feel unworthy of love in general. But without loving ourselves, how can we love anyone else? This is where this bracelet should prove as a reminder in those moments you may have self depricating thoughts. 

You are enough, you are beautiful, you are worthy and you deserve love; from yourself and from those closest to you. When you need a reminder, just look down and let your love shine!

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This engraved bar string bracelet combines the delicate intricacy of a sterling silver pendant and the rough exterior of a string base, making it the perfect unisex gift for anyone who's looking for something extra special.

• Sterling silver (AG-925) pendant with coating
• 4 coatings available: white rhodium, black rhodium, 18K rose gold, 24K gold
• Nickel-free pendant and coating
• Pendant size: 0.28'' x 1.22'' (7 x 31 mm)
• Pendant thickness: 0.02'' (0.5 mm)
• Adjustable string base in black: 6.1''–10.8'' (15.5–27.5 cm)
• Pendant is connected to the string with open jump rings

Size guide

Pendant length (inches) 1 ¼
String length (inches) 6 ⅛-10 ¾
Pendant length (cm) 3
String length (cm) 15-27