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Under the Sea - iPhone/iPad Wallpaper (FREEBIE)



Can't wait for Summer to arrive? Why not get a taste of some tropical fun with this fun FREE wallpaper?! Download this wallpaper for your mobile device; iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy etc! šŸŽ®

Once you place your order, you will get an email of your order with the link to your very own wallpaper!

Psst! Send us a cheeky picture of your device with our wallpaper! It will really make our day šŸ˜‰

The wallpapers are illustrated by Mia at KryptikRoseā„¢. The Copyright for these wallpapers belongs to KryptikRoseā„¢, with or without purchase, it is not permissible to use the illustrations for commercial use. They can be used for non-commercial use. It is permissible to use these images on fashion blogs, as long as we are given due credit. Any infringement on our Intellectual Property Rights is susceptible to legal action.

About KryptikRoseĀ®

KryptikRose® is a boutique brand that prides itself in carefully created and curated items for your home and wardrobe. Each piece on our website is meticulously illustrated, painted or curated by our very own Mia. She loves bringing you unique pieces for your home or closet that you'll always enjoy.

KryptikRose® is NOT fast fashion, as Mia believes quality products that you'll enjoy for longer are more valuable than those you'll chuck after a few wears. We're advocates for ethical fashion that will always be in style!

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